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Boat Insurance.

The AWWF has just completed negotiations with Nautilus Marine Insurance  to obtain a tailor made boat insurance policy to suit the members.  This offer will include many other benefits in addition to the normal boat policy.

  • Using your boat in tournaments.
  • Aerial activities at AWWF affiliated sites.
  • Discounted rates.
  • Increased  cover for water ski’s and personal belongings.
  • Online quotes and policies.

"To obtain an online quote click here and follow the prompts."

Should you have any problems with the web access, have a query, or you are chasing a cover note call Nautilus  direct at Nautilus on 02 89201157 and  mention you are an AWWF member.  If you have problems with the web site or contacting Nautilus please call the AWWF office on 0260 212223

 "By clicking this link we will refer you to NM Insurance Pty Ltd AFSL 227186 (Nautilus) which can deal in and provide general advice on boat insurance. We do not act on behalf of Nautilus or the insurer.We receive a commission (which is a percentage of the premium you pay) if you enter into a policy with Nautilus after we refer you (including renewals and some variations which increase the premium payable). You can ask for further information."

AWWF General Insurance.

This year in conjunction with Willis Insurance we have again negotiated a very comprehensive group of policies to cover you the members including Public Liability for members and affiliated clubs, Personal Accident for sanctioned events, Travel for competing Teams and other administrative related policies. You will find a summary of our 2014-15 Insurance coverage by clicking here.


Please note. Personal accident Insurance is only available to members whilst participating in  AWWF sanctioned events  eg Tournaments, sanctioned training camps etc. This does not cover unsanctioned training. (eg Thursday night or Sunday morning for example Club, State or Division  training). For a Ski School to be sanctioned, it must be organised at National or State Level, held over two or more consecutive days unless under special circumstances when a National Division Director may approve on a case by case basis.


 Come and try skiers and “club” skiers are not covered for Personal accident Insurance. This section provides cover for members aged between 5 and 75 years of age.



Sanction Request

 The AWWF continues to work with our Insurers in reducing our overall Insurance costs and to comply the AWWF has strict new guidelines in place to ensure compliance with the Sanctioning of all water ski activities from all Divisions of the AWWF. The key changes to the policy are as listed.

  • Every Water Ski and Wakeboard event must be sanctioned using the Divisional National calendars or for adhoc events  the AWWF Sanction and Risk Management form on the AWWF web site.
  • This year we have introduced a pre event or “match day”check list to be completed on site as close to the event as possibe  by the  event organiser or a delegated officer.
  • A copy of the full sanction process can be found listed below and in the AWWF policy book.

Sanction form 2014-15

"Match day " check list and guidelines.

Full details of the sanctioning process can be found in the AWWF Policy book item 8.2 under Documents on the main page 


Incident Reporting

The attached file is for Officials and skiers to report incidents to the AWWF office.  This form should be sent to the AWWF office by fax or e mail following any reportable incident at a sanctioned event of the AWWF. No claims will be processed by the office without first receiving an incident report. Click here


Gary Humphrey

Executive Officer.