How can I pay for my 2018/19 membership? Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, instalments are offered for all membership types. If you would like to register for the part payment option, please select this during the application process. The amount of instalments offered will vary depending on the date the application is processed and your membership category. A maximum of six payments are offered and this option is only available for MasterCard and Visa payments. The part payment schedule is as follows.

1st Payment: Date application is processed 

2nd Payment: 15 April 2018

3rd Payment: 15 May 2018

4th Payment: 15 June 2018

5th Payment: 15 July 2018

6th Payment: 15 August 2018


How can I sit with my friends?

Please list the full name of the member/s who you would like to sit next to during the application process. Whilst we cannot guarantee to fulfil every seating allocation request we will do our best to have you and your friends in close proximity.


Can a friend use my membership card if I can't attend?

Yes, they can. Memberships are fully transferable, as long as they fall into the same age category of the membership purchased (Child/Adult).


What age classifies a child membership?

A child is classified as anyone who is 16 or under. (Deemed a child if patron is born on or after 1 Jan 2002)


What if I have purchased a child membership, but want to take an adult on game day?

You can upgrade your membership on game day from the WA Basketball Centre by purchasing an upgrade ticket for an additional fee.


I've lost my membership card, what do I do?

To report a lost or stolen card, please contact the membership team no later than 12pm the weekday before a home game. Replacement card/s are available (subject to a $10 reprint fee) and can usually be collected at the following home game. You can also purchase a lost ticket voucher from the WA Basketball Centre on game day (subject to a $10 fee).