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Which Membership Category is right for me?

A Swimming Coach is someone who holds a current National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) Swimming Coach accreditation (Bronze, Silver, Gold). Only qualified Coaches may hold a Swimming Coach Licence from ASCTA/Swimming Australia Ltd. The licence signifies that the individual is currently qualified and compliant with member welfare, child welfare, and professional conduct standards and policies. Licenced Swimming Coaches have access to purchase Combined Liability insurance cover (Public Liability and Professional Indemnity) from asctaINSURANCE Brokers.

Swimming and Water Safety Teachers must hold a qualification containing the vocational competencies identified by the federal government and vocational training standards. The Swim Australia™ Teacher accreditation is one such qualification. All Swimming and Water Safety Teacher members have access to purchase Combined Liability insurance cover (Public Liability and Professional Indemnity) from ASCTA Insurance Brokers. Only persons holding a government recognised Swimming and Water Safety Teacher qualification may legally conduct GST free lessons, provided the lessons contain personal water safety instruction.

ASCTA's Associate Membership category allows any interested person to receive certain member benefits (i.e. magazine, access to the members' library, discounts at ascta sponsored events, etc.). ASCTA members residing outside of Australia become 'Associates' in turn keeping their accreditation active and staying in touch with Australia's swimming scene.


How does the ascta/SAL Licencing system work?

Whether a Swimming Coach is employed directly by a club, swimming centre, or is self-employed; if they are instructing people who are registered with their State Swimming Association by providing training prescription, they require an ascta/Swimming Australia Ltd. 'Coaching Licence'. Licenced Coaches must satisfy the requirements for Swimming Coach accreditation and be a member of Swimming Australia through annual ascta 'Premium Membership'.

A person holding a current qualification recognised by Swimming Australia Ltd. (through the NCAS) agrees to comply with relevant State legislation for working with children, SAL member welfare policies and ascta's professional code of conduct.

The licence provides recognition of a Swimming Coach's current accreditation status and (in some States) is used as pool-deck identification at State Swimming Championships. Members of ascta/SAL also have a representative voice in the development of swimming and have demonstrate they uphold professional standards and are accountable for their actions.



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