How do I apply to become a Falcons Member?
Simply fill out a 2017 Membership Application which can be downloaded online and email, fax or mail it back to the West Perth Football Club.
You can also simply click here to purchase a new membership online.

Does my membership include entry?
The West Perth Football Club offers a range of memberships that include entry into all home games. Prices vary for the different membership types. 

What does my Membership give me during the WAFL Finals?
Members that possess a membership with Home Game Entry are only valid for the regular season and don’t include WAFL Finals. However members do get discounted entry into any finals.

What do I do if I've lost my membership card?
To report a lost or stolen card you must contact the West Perth Football Club and we will organise a replacement card for you. *Administration fees apply

What age classifies a Future Falcon membership?
A child aged 15 years as at the 31st October 2017 is classified as a Future Falcon member.

What does a Flock of Falcons membership consist of?
A Flock of Falcons membership consists of 2 adults (Falcon Fanatics and / or Falconettes) and 2 children (Future Falcons and / or Fledgling Falcons) with children aged 15 years and younger as at the 31st October 2017.
Future Falcon and / or Fledgling Falcon memberships can be purchased for additional children.

Can a friend use my membership card if I can't attend?
Yes they can. As memberships are transferable the attending friend must fall into the appropriate age category of the membership purchased eg. Future Falcon membership for a child aged 15 or under, and any other membership for an Adult.

Who do I contact to complain about offensive behaviour on match day?
The West Perth Football Club aims to be a premier location for entertaining, family friendly football in comfortable and social surroundings. All members and supporters have the right to a safe and enjoyable experience. Please peruse the Club's Code of Conduct which outlines the requirements and values to be upheld, and appropriate procedure should you wish to report a breach of this code.

I lost an item at the game on the weekend. Who do I contact for match day lost property?
All match day lost property is handled by VenuesWest at HBF Arena, Joondalup. Please contact them first before contacting the West Perth Football Club. They can be contacted on (08) 9300 3355 and their reception is located on the ground floor at the western end of the HBF Arena complex.

Once a membership has been purchased, the West Perth Football Club is under no obligation to provide a cancellation or refund. Requests for refunds may only be considered in exceptional circumstances.
All applications for refunds are to be made in writing and addressed to: David Crute – Chief Executive Officer – PO Box 11, Joondalup WA 6919

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