New LAVic member

Children who haven't been a member of a Little Athletics Centre previously are invited to trial 2 competition days of Little Athletics - Free of charge, before committing to full membership.

Find out more about trialling Little Athletics at your Local Little Athletics Centre by clicking here.




New members interested in registering for season 2021/2022 are encouraged to determine the age group you will be in for the new season prior to completing a registration. Selecting option B is for athletes that have completed their trial or do not wish to trial. 

IMPORTANT - New members wishing to trial should complete a trial application before committing to a paid registration. 

  • Please use the table below to work out which age group your athlete will be in.
  • Athletes must be registered in their correct age group.
  • Athletes born in 2017 cannot register until they have turned 5.
  • Refunds will not be available once full payment is made. 
  • Registrations expire on the 31st August 2022.

*The following Centres require a club selection during the winter season registration process: Knox