Second Claim Memberships


Second claim membership applies to those members wishing to join an additional club(s) to your first claim (primary) club. Please note you must be active and financial with your first claim (primary) club before proceeding any further.

 Please contact the national office to join directly.

DO NOT log in with your first claim club details to pay for a second claim membership.
DO NOT re-register with your first claim club details to try and join a second club.

If you are registering for the first time or renewing your membership for 2015, please contact Masters Swimming Australia national office to organise for your profile to be activated.

Two options for registering / renewing

  1. Email your name, DOB and club information to
  2. Telephone 03 9682 5666 and provide your name, DOB, email contact and club information.

Email confirmation will be sent to you with your unique username and password. Your membership number will remain the same as your first claim (primary) club.

As a second claim member within the same state you are not required to pay the national and state fee components again. If a club fee is applicable you will need to organise this payment directly to your club. Your club registrar will not make your profile active and financial until this payment has been received.

Interstate second claim members

If you would like to join a club in another state. For example you are a first claim member in NSW and wish to join a second club in VIC. A state fee component is applicable. This amount varies in each state. Please follow the instructions above with the inclusion of a payment method – credit card or debit card only.

The national office can be contacted via email or telephone 03 9682 5666.