Club Award Winners

The  following Club Awards are presented to individual club members. All recipients receive their awards at the Annual General Meeting:

  Award Criteria Selection Process
1. The Peter Lord Trophy A member who has made outstanding contribution to the administration of the club. Club Committee
2. The Stan and Pat Flukes Award For effort and improvement over the year. Club Committee
3. Coach Award Determined by coach Coach
  Intra-Club Competitions  Description Placings

Jodi-Ann Menzies Perpetual Trophy 

The Aggregate Competition consists of 18 events with four swims swum each Aggregate morning (one per distance) in a stroke determined by Swimmer.

Points are awarded for swimming closest to the swimmer's nominated time.

Highest score wins.

5. Lynnette and Alan Davis Perpetual Trophy The Endurance 1000 Competition is a program of longer distance events and is a national program in which each Masters Club in the country can compete. Points are awarded on a sliding scale for each different event at age group levels of 5 years
  Open Water Swimming     
 6. Open Water Swimming Competition 

The Club runs an annual competition which commences on 1st April and concludes on 31st March the following year.

The Classic Trophy - swims less than 2km

The Enduro Trophy - swims greater than 2km

Points are scored based on your time against the median swimmer in your field (usually age group and sex) and includes a loading on the distance completed.  Any swim of 1km or more is counted


Life Members

Awarded at AGM in January for outstanding service to the Surrey Park Seahorses Masters Swimming Club
Alan Davis
Lynne Davis
 Peter Lord
 JA Menzies
Catherine Watmough
 Darryl Flukes


Award Winners

Peter Lord Trophy
Name Date  
Sue Lyon 2022
 Sean Kirwan 2017
 Tom Fanning 2016
 Linda Gunzburg 2015
 Paul Watmough 2013
 Darryl Flukes 2010
 Phillip Burckhardt 2007
 Mark Taylor 2008
Joan Patterson 2006
Catherine Watmough 2004
 Peter Lord 2002


Stan and Pat Flukes Award
Name Year  
Alex Raytsin 2022
 Sue Lyon 2018
 Catherine Watmough 2017
 Lesley Humphries 2016
 Dee Greenwood 2015
 Kirsty Richardson 2014
 Jenny Hookey 2013
 Martin Naagen 2012
 Phillip Norman 2011
 Amanda Kozik 2010
 Mary Catherine Tobin & John Syme 2009
 Kathleen Nagle 2008
 Jennifer Mitchell 2007
 Tom Fanning 2006
 Tony Sparrow 2005


Intra-Club Competitions
Aggregate   Endurance 1000 
Jodi-Ann Menzies Perpetual Trophy Year Lynnette and Alan Davis Perpetual Trophy
 Kelly Paul  2022  Sue Lyon
 Jenny Hookey & Tom Fanning  2021  Sue Lyon
  Not Awarded (Pandemic)  2020  Not Awarded (Pandemic)
 Linda Gunzberg  2019  Catherine Watmough 
 Mark Taylor  2018  Sue Lyon
 Ian Bett  2017  Ian Bett
 Peter Lord  2016  Ian Bett
 Mark Taylor  2015  Sue Lyon
 Martin Haagen  2014  Mark Taylor
 Mark Taylor  2013  Ian Bett
 Mark Taylor  2012  Ian Bett
 Ian Bett  2011  Mark Taylor
 Darren Whetton  2010  Mark Taylor
 Mark Taylor & Darren Whetton  2009  Mark Taylor
 Darren Whetton  2008  Catherine Watmough, Mark Taylor, Martin Haagen, Darren Whetton & Ian Bett
 Martin Haagen  2007  Catherine Watmough & Mark Taylor
 Mark Taylor  2006  Mark Taylor
 Mark Taylor  2005  Catherine Watmough, Darryl Flukes & Mark Taylor
 Mark Taylor  2004  Catherine Watmough, Darryl Flukes & Mark Taylor
 Darryl Flukes  2003  Catherine Watmough, Darryl Flukes & Mark Taylor
 Mark Taylor  2002  Mark Taylor & Darren Whetton
 Mark Taylor  2001  Mark Taylor & Catherine Watmough
 Peter Lord  2000  Jackie Lamont & Darren Whetton
 Peter Lord  1999  Darren Whetton
 Peter Lord  1998  Sarah Aguis & Darren Whetton
 Peter Lord  1997  Jackie Lamont
 Peter Lord  1996  Jackie Lamont
 Jackie Lamont  1995  Peter Lord
 Jodi-Ann Beard  1994  Jodi-Ann Beard
 Jodi-Ann Beard  1993  Jodi-Ann Beard
 Karen Wilson  1992  Jodi-Ann Beard
 Alan Davis  1991  


     Open Water Swimming
Classic Trophy   Year  Enduro Trophy



 Darryl Flukes  2022  Michael Rochford
 Not Awarded (Pandemic)  2021  Not Awarded (Pandemic)
 Sue Lyon  2019  Sue Lyon
 Sue Lyon  2018  Sue Lyon
 Sue Lyon  2017  Sue Lyon
 Dee Greenwood  2016  Dee Greenwood
 Darryl Flukes  2015  
 Sean Kirwin  2014  
 Darryl Flukes  2013  
 Mark Taylor  2012  
 Mark Taylor  2011  
 Mark Taylor  2010  
 Mark Taylor  2009  
 Mark Taylor  2008  
 Mark Taylor  2007  



Christmas Handicap

Name Year
 Peter Lord 2022
Peter Lord 2019
Peter Lord 2018
Peter Lord 2017
Jenny Hookey 2016