Preston Baseball Club Membership Portal

Welcome to the Preston Baseball Club. (Preston Pirates)

Registrations for the 2016/2017 season are now open!

If you are new to the Preston Pirates this year, please click on the " Registration/Renewal" link above and follow the prompts.

If you are already a member of the Preston Pirates, you will have a username and password already allocated to you.  To retrieve this information, please click on the "Username & Password" and enter your email address and your username and password will be sent to you.

If you already have your username and password, click on the "Login", enter your username and password and register for the 2016/2017 summer baseball season by using the 'Registration/Renewal' tab


ALL PLAYERS are now required to RE-REGISTER at the beginning of each season and PAY DIRECTLY TO BASEBALL VICTORIA registration and insurance fees by credit or debit card. The registration and insurance fees are a non negotiable fixed cost as determined by baseball’s governing bodies. The balance of the fees are the club component which cover such expenses as baseballs, umpires, ground maintenance and preparation, and pavilion/ground fees for Latrobe University facilities. 

We have opted for all fees to be paid through the Member portal and payment options are available for senior players (see below). This will help us plan for the number of teams entered in each grade.


There are two options for paying your fees.

Either pay in FULL by October 1 or  3 instalments over 3 months. 

ALL players MUST pay either FULL or PART payment 1 by OCTOBER 1st  to be registered to play for the season.  

Players cannot play until one of the listed fees options is paid.

Senior Fees 2016/7

Seniors  $430 Part payment  $150  $150  $130 Seniors concession  $300
Masters  $310    
Seniors playing Masters  $580 Part payment  $180  $200  $200  
Juniors playing Seniors   $280    



Juniors (all players under 18) $200
Little League Major and Minor $200
T-Ball $130
Juniors playing seniors $280