Tonbridge Athletic Club Membership Portal

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Competing Athlete - 17/18 -   £145

Subs include the joining fee of £50 - which includes a Club Vest, please indicate your vest size.

TAC 2017 -2018 ( till March 31st 2018) subs of £81

Plus England Athlete registration fee for 17/18 of £14.

This membership is valid until 31 March 2018.

 Social members are £10 and life social members are £65.

We do not want financial issues to stop people joining, if you have any issues please email 

Those that have had their "taster" and now need to join please select "new members" at the top of this screen.

To all other guests we hope you have had a good look around our web site and are interested in joining Tonbridge Athletic Club.

Please do NOT come to the Club without first making the "taster membership" enquiry, you will NOT be able to join in until you have been registered with the Taster Co-ordinator.

If you are interested in the Club please use the New Member button above top middle of the screen and select taster membership to make your enquiry.

Please give us as much information as you can about what you want to do at the Club.

Depending on your age and events our taster co-ordinator will check to see if we have a place for you, then she will BOOK YOU IN to come for a taster training period to ensure that you are in the correct group. She will arrange a date for you to come to the Club, she will direct you to the "Meet and Greet” desk or the appropriate coach, who will be expecting you, who will then explain about the club and the groups, if necessary you will be directed to the correct Coach, who will be expecting you and your taster period will start.

Your membership start date is the date of your first taster , if you or the Club decides not to proceed with membership then you will not be charged for the tasterl sessions.

Please note we do not accept Second Claim members unless pre approved by the committee, please contact before you proceed with membership.

If you have previously been a member of another athletic club, please ensure you follow UKA rules regarding change of clubs. See England Athletics for further details.

If you are trying to add third or subsequent family members please email as there is a discount for this.

If you have any queries about membership please email or for any coaching issues please go to our contacts page where you will be able to email someone who can offer help and advice.

Special Notice: Inhalers and other medication. It is no longer necessary for athletes to automatically register inhalers with UK Athletics, as not all of these appear on the WADA Prohibited List. Information on the British Athletics website explains clearly how to check inhalers (and other medications) against the Prohibited List and how to register them if necessary. Information is also available about the risks associated with using supplements and what to expect during a doping control test. The website link is