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New to the Club?

New Members

Completed a coaching course with us? On request, you will be provided login details; once received, click on Login (above), enter your Username & Password (passwords are only provided direct to the user, when you click on Forgot Your Password) and, once logged in, click on Pay Subscriptions.

Completed a coaching course at another Club? You can still apply for membership - click onĀ New Registration and fill in the online application (proof of satisfactory completion of the coaching courrse will be required).

Transferring from another Club? Send us an email and we'll arrange for a transfer of your membership.

If this is a first time membership with this Club (including a membership transfer from another Club), a Joining Fee also applies and needs to be paid before your application can be processed. (See the HILLS ARCHERS' Membership Page (Step 1).)

The Joining Fee is a one-off payment which means that should you leave the Club and return some time later, the Joining Fee will not apply.

Please understand your membership application is subject to endorsement by the Club Committee before you can participate in Club, State or National activities.

If unsure, simply Contact Us for assistance.

Renewing your membership?

Existing (Renewing) Members

You can renew your membership by clicking on Login using your username and password and then click on Registration Renewal. (If you have forgotten your login details, click on Forgot Your Password?.)

Once logged in, you can also read any emails that have been sent to you and view the Member Only content of the Club's website.

You can change between the Membership portal and the Club website by using the menus at the top of the page.

If you are unsure, just email the Club for help; click on Contact Us (above) to submit an enquiry and we will get back to you.

Remember to log off from Membership and/or the Club website when you are finished; if you forget, the system will log you out after about 30 minutes.