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If you need any further information or help there is a contact us form accessible from the main menu above.

Registration process

During the registration process we will ask you for your personal details and a number of associated questions as follows:

  • Your contact preferences - we operate an email group which you can be included in, in which case you will receive all emails. Alternately you can subscribe to receive only essential club announcements via email or, if desired, all correspondence by post.
  • Competition details - including your county of birth or the month and year you were first resident in Kent (for County Championships qualification) and details of your first claim club (including any clubs you were registered as a first claim member within the past 6 months).
  • Occupation and skills - in particular any skills that may be relevant to the club (e.g. IT/risk assessment/first aid).
  • Medical - any conditions that may help response professionals in the event of illness/injury while running (this information will be kept confidential).
  • Sports equity monitoring - TWH is open to all, irrespective of racial or religious background. Please help us ensure we are maintaining this approach by completing this section, which is optional.