The English Petanque Association

Welcome to the English Petanque Association's online membership system.

From here you can join or renew your membership, login as a member and retrieve your log in details.
(Please note that the membership period for our Association is from 1st January to 31st December)

If you are an existing member of the EPA click on "Login" which is just to the left under our logo on this page.
(note: Existing members MUST NOT enter the system via the "New Registration" link).

New members should click on "New Registration" located to the right under our logo.

  • If you wish to move to another Club or Region you must follow these steps:
  1. Complete the Region/Club Transfer Form (available as a download from the previous page)
  2. Send the form to your Region/Club for completion
  3. Send the completed form to the address stated on the form

(Do not renew your membership until you have received confirmation that your details have been moved to your new club or region).

We will check that everything is in order and update your details in our database and issue you with a new licence.

There is no fee for this service if the transfer is being dealt with at the time of renewing your membership.
On all other occasions the fee for this service is £5 and payable by cheque to the English Petanque Association.

  • If you have lost or accidentally destroyed your EPA Licence you must notify us and will check your details and issue a replacement Licence.
    The fee for this service is £5 and payable by cheque to the English Petanque Association

Please note:

  • International rules state that you cannot hold more than one licence.  If you are or have been a member of another Federation/Association you should contact our National Membership Secretary and not proceed any further with your membership application
  • Licences MUST NOT be defaced or altered in any way, except to add a recent embossed photograph of the holder (required for all National events) 
    Umpires at National events have been instructed not accept any licence that has been defaced, altered or does not have a recent photo of the holder.
  • (If your status is unfinancial it means your membership fee is due or has not been processed by your club/region)


English Petanque Association