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FIS Licence Holder

All athletes competing at FIS events must have a FIS licence - If you are unsure whether you require a FIS licence, please discuss it with your coach now or refer to the detailed descriptions given beside each FIS licence type.

Please note if you join us as a FIS Licence Holder you will automatically receive all of the BSS Member benefits.

In order to be awarded a FIS Licence, you must:

1. Hold a valid GBR passport. Please send a copy of your valid GBR passport to lucy.mackenzie@teambss.org on purchasing your FIS Licence.

2. Register with your Home Nation for the 2016/2017 season. Pease note in some cases your 2016/2017 Home Nation registration will not run out until later on in 2016, however you must renew now to ensure we have confirmation that you will be registered for the whole of the 2016/2017 season.

3. Completion of medical declaration form by a qualified medical practitioner which certifies that the athlete has had an appropriate evaluation of their medical health and agreement that you inform BSS should any change to your health occur during the season.

The Home Nation registration, valid GBR passport AND completion of medical declaration form are prerequisites for FIS Licences.

Once we have received confirmation of all of the above, we can process your FIS Licence.



If you have had a licence before, please login using your username and password and renew your FIS Licence



If you are new to British Ski and Snowboard and would like to join us as a FIS Licence Holder:

Please select your discipline from the tabs above


Failure to complete all details accurately will result in a delay in your licence being approved by British Ski and Snowboard.



The pricing structure is as follows:

  • An early season discount is available until 30th June - after this date a higher fee will apply.
  • FIS licences are valid from 1st July - 30th June each year.
  • If you would like to purchase a combination of licences i.e. alpine and freestyle or alpine and telemark, you are able to apply for a secondary licence.


The quickest way to keep track of your status is to check out Competitor Biographies on the FIS website.