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Welcome to your Judo NSW Home Page

Judo is an exciting and dynamic Olympic sport and now practiced in almost every country in the world.

Judo NSW is the governing body for the sport of Judo in NSW and is supported by the Australian Sports Commission and NSW Department of Sport & Recreation.

Judo is more than a sport providing participants with a physical and moral education system based on mutual respect and welfare.

Membership with Judo NSW provides the benefits of:

  • Affiliation with the Australian Olympic Committee and International Judo Federation (IJF) allowing qualified representation at Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Championships and other internationally recognised IJF World Tour events.
  • Membership with the Judo Federation of Australia and Oceania Judo Union allowing qualified representation at National and Continental Union events.
  • Member benefits of an organization that promotes a fair, safe, drug free environment for its members. This includes values and practises promoted and funded by the Australian Sports Commission including; National Coaching Accreditation, Member Protection, and Anti Doping.
  • Access to funded High Performance, National Talent Identification and Junior Development Programs for elite athletes promoting optimal athlete performance at international level.
  • Participation in Technical courses and Training Camps promoting best practise coaching and training strategies delivered by a range of internationally recognised judo experts.
  • Member policy and support programs ensuring standards expected in Australian society including national and Judo NSW focussed; Competition Sporting Codes, Grading policy and procedures, Refereeing standards, Member Protection policy and procedures to deal fairly with conflict resolution issues.
  • Access to the Judo NSW and national websites to keep you informed about judo news, event calendars, tournament results, policies and procedures.
  • Access to Judo NSW and national judo publications, grading certificates and merchandise.
  • Access to a national insurance program providing extensive liability and personal accident coverage for member clubs and individuals.

We value your membership and participation in our sport of Judo and look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Nic Lowe


Judo NSW