Bridgtown Cona Testa Triathlon Team

Formed in July 2009 by a bald, fat fool to provide a platform for the masses of the great unwashed to dominate triathlon by propping up the bottom of the results sheets. Since that time the club has grown and reached its current lofty heights. With members now ranging from GB age groupers to BOP’rs everyone is welcome. For just £30 per year, you can be part of the revolution... Some of the benefits of joining the BCTTT are:

  • The opportunity to take part in a vibrant forum where rumour, heresay and made up facts are passed off as pukka information.
  • Discounts for couples.
  • British Triathlon (BTF), Cycling Time Trials (CTT), and Association of Running Clubs (ARC) affiliation.
  • Club members all over UK - find someone with a penchant for carbon near you to train with.
  • Massive discounts from leading suppliers and retailers.
  • Yearly European training camp.
Probably the best club kit in the country.